1. Save Your Soul little Brother

What is all of this talk of saving your soul or - losing it? 
First of all the soul cannot be killed, harmed or even damaged. But we can improve our experience based on what we attach ourselves to or what we seperate ourselves from. You are responsible for what you-- your soul experiences. you can save your soul from suffering and nobody else can. We need to take responsibility for our own actions.
     The Church cannot save your soul and neither can Jesus Christ or your Guru.   They can teach us about the world or spiritual things but it is up to us to save our own soul.  We enjoy or suffer the consequence of our actions. All of our actions or thoughts are finite so no one is punished forever for the commission of an action. the idea of an everlasting Hell is relatively new to the world; more ancient religions do not teach such an unrealistic idea. It makes God look like the torturer or it makes God look like He or She is not in control or not merciful. Think of this, does it make sence? Is someone using fear to control us; what could be worse than everlasting torture? This is terrorism! Forget about relying on someone else to save your soul- especially an institution like the Church that teaches relatively new spiritual beliefs.  We are responsible for what happens to us and we control our own destiny as well as the destiny of the world. When we change ourselves we change our world. First we need to stop letting ourselves be spoon-fed and open our heart and learn about the world  ourselves, and God. Then we can change the world. If we let others spoon -feed us then we get the changes they want which may not be the right way to go. For centuries we have been spoon- fed by the Church or others and can we really think for ourselves?  But God gave us a brain to make our own decisions. 

      We need real knowledge to make our decisions. Some things are pretty self evident but we need some direction especially since we have been led around by our noses so long. we should have something tried and true and unchanged for thousands of years. I will start of with 2 books as suggestions:

                  1. The Bhagavad Gita or Bhagrivatim

                  2.The Upanisades

These books are available in English and as time goes by I will make some quotes from them.

What is the worst thing for your soul? Based on the scriptures and my own intuition it is killing anything without good reason. If we can refrain from killing especially other people and animals then we will not reap so much suffering both on our self as well as others. Eating meat may seem innocent but does not the animal suffer when it is killed? If they didn't they wouldn't try to run away or fight the killer. they wouldnt also scream like they do. The way your food is prepared has a spiritual value based on the environment it was prepared in.  Even Jesus or rather Yeshua did not eat meat. If you still question that animals suffer here is a link to videos where a movie-camera was put in a slaughterhouse.   http://papalmass.blogspot.com/p/2-christian-vegetarianism.html      Here is a link about the Savior being vegetarian:   http://papalmass.blogspot.com/p/sample-of-gospel-of-holy-12.html
Was Christ an Essene--Essenes were strict vegetarians:    http://theyuhu.blogspot.com/p/in-case-you-are-curious-gospel-of-holy.html  (. Blessed are ye who abstain from all things gotten by bloodshed and death, and fulfill all righteousness: Blessed are ye, for ye shall attain to Beatitude.) Gospel of the Holy 12  20:8

Keep in mind when ever we hurt or kill  anyone we also do the injury to ourselves. if we cut all of the trees down our atmosphere will not be able to sustain us anymore and if we eat the suffering from slaughtered animals we take on their suffering and distress through the horomones they secrete when they die. We also shorten our life by the contents of the meat that are negative to our health. This also includes mental killing or thinking evil thoughts of ourselves or others. an us versus them mentality where we think we are superior or better because we have some special knowledge or religion has killed millions of people and caused untold suffering--This is a form of murder!

Save Your Soul Little Brother! Save yourself.
Don't rely on anyone else.

We need Love:by  Madonna:  http://youtu.be/lCDLERmSKGw