2. Hay You Open your Heart

Hey You
Open your heart
It's not so strange
You got to change this time

2. Frozen:
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In this video I ask you to open up your heart to God and other people. Sometimes we close our mind to other ideas that are foreign to us.  Please do not look down on people of other religions because it hurts God. The woman in this video could symbolize God or she could symbolize someone who loves you that you will not listen to or that you do not understand.  God is One but is seen in different ways by different people but like the dog God is ever faithful and is your best friend. God is the only one in this desert to pay attention to, nothing else really matters.  I dedicate this video to those who look down on or think untrue things about other people or other religions due to pre conceived ideas. Sometimes you have to leave these people behind even though they had been close friends for years. They are still remembered and loved and missed in the same way God misses us when we go astray. The symbol on her hand is indeed the sanskrit symbol for God. God should be the center of our life over and above nation or religious denomination.   Think of black as something that wards off sin which the world needs to be reminded of. To me black also means seriousness. The world is in serious trouble and risk of disaster because of the lack of understanding between religions--to many are trying to impose their religion on others and they refuse to reach mutual understanding. God  is all beautiful and all grace, i realize the comparison may not be perfect but I find this video very spiritually infused.(In English, for everyone) God is calling you...

Video, Frozen  <iframe width="480" height="390" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/_bvKEVPW_UI?rel=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Humanity must change now because the way we are doing things is unsustainable but first we must open our hearts to new or rather very ancient ways of doing things. It is not strange  because the changes we need to make is the same as how life was several thousand years ago. We need to first think on our own and stop harming others which is unfortunately a change from what we are doing. We have become frozen in our bad way of life. It was given to us by others and we assumed it was the correct way of life especially because the Church said it is the right way to live. It is not right to have an us versus them attitude and it is wrong to kill animals for food.  We also need to change how we use other resources such as trees and fuel. We need to realize spiritual answers may be outside our religious or spiritual heritage. Others may actually know something we are ignorant of.